The 1st Lt. T.P. Sherwood Archives were organized just after his death in 2006. This very comprehensive material legacy provides a rich and unique beginning for the study of our history in the America Strategic Air War efforts - Europe 1941 - 1945.

They comprise ~ 75 cu. ft. The documents, diaries, albums, military papers, maps, and correspondence are in the process of being digitized either by scanning(PDF) or transcribed (MSWord doc/text) for access via an HTML model interface. To date that amounts to several thousand documents.


The 1st Lt. T.P. Sherwood Archives and Research Center is being designed and developed to establish a permanent location for the collection, sharing, and study of his material archives as they pertain to the American Strategic Air War effort 1941 - 1945. These primary historical sources need perserving and sharing. Using 1st Lt. Sherwood's personal story as a guide, his archives provide a very personal thread to follow through the massive fabric of World War II historical events.

Establishing the center will physically connect the historical material, with a staff of dedicated facillators, to assist everyone in constructing historical knowledge with an understading of the American committment to freedom.


John W. Sherwood,
Steward, Senior Archivist

1060 Brighton Drive
Seven Valleys PA 17360 USA

email: jsherwood@zerosum.com



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